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Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Sometimes life can leave us feeling overwhelmed and unsettled, yet it is through our struggles that we find meaning and purpose.  Whichever direction life has led you up to now, I’m happy that our paths have crossed.  My hope is that through our therapeutic work together, I can help you find your way. 

My compassionate, yet direct approach creates a space where you can feel seen and understood.  In the world and in my office, your voice matters.  For this reason, I offer a collaborative approach to develop the most effective treatment strategies to meet your distinct needs.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, earning my Master of Social Work degree from Fordham University. My training in evidence based treatment modalities including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Circle of Security and Seeking Safety have provided me with skills to address a myriad of tribulations.  The majority of my career has focused on treating parental substance use, and improving child behavior by way of parent approach and attunement.  Most recently, my work has lead me to family therapy, helping each member feel closer and more connected by increasing their use of emotional language and identification of needs. Additionally, I have experience treating anxiety disorders, depression, and more recently bariatric/weight management counseling for which I am pursuing higher education in Bariatric Counseling through the American Association for Bariatric Counselors.  Using a strength's based and trauma-informed approach, we will work together to strengthen your connection to self, others and with your life purpose. most effective treatment strategies to meet your distinct needs.

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