Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

When people and families are experiencing extreme stress or trauma, it is common to feel their lives are unraveling. My great passion is helping people heal and grow from adversity; whether that's family conflict, marital issues, major life changes or general feelings of being overwhelmed/stressed. I have dedicated my career to helping people of all kinds, including teens, adults, couples and families. I look to help them build healthy perspectives, strengthen their relationships and grow according to their personal goals so they can feel happy, peaceful and connected to the world around them.

I know one approach isn't right for every person, couple or family. That's why I have cultivated a multitude of experience and training to help provide a well rounded treatment experience. I have been trained in a range of modalities including Gestalt Therapy, Couples/Family Therapy and trauma informed treatment. My educational background includes a BA in Psychology and a MA in Marriage & Family Therapy with a concurrent specialization in Gestalt from Southern Connecticut State University. Since then I've worked with men, women, teens and children from all backgrounds and ethnicities/races with various difficulties like intimate partner violence, substance use/abuse issues, crisis/trauma, family and couples conflict, pre-marital counseling, divorce, parenting and co-parenting issues, among many others. Call now to set up a no obligation intake appointment to see if we can build a better future for you, and those in your life.


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