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Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Asking for help can be a courageous yet challenging process. When we are looking to make significant and lasting changes in our lives, taking the first step can feel like an arduous and daunting task. Whether it is finding ways to deal with a stressful life, learning new ways to engage with our friends and family or attempting to cut down on the amount of alcohol or drugs being consumed, we may often not be able to figure out the first step on our own. By collaborating with a counselor or therapist, the journey to a more manageable and higher quality life is possible.


Whether you've taken that first step already or are going through this process for the first time, I can help guide you to figure out where to go. Although I specialize in working with adult males suffering from mental health or substance abuse disorders, I have gained experience and knowledge through working with many other populations. By using an empathetic and trauma informed lens, I can provide targeted problem-solving strategies and assist with developing positive coping skills to boost your efforts in building a healthy and functional life.


My therapy techniques include capacity building, cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma recovery and empowerment and motivational interviewing. I also have a holistic approach to treating the whole person and am mindful of physical, mental, social and spiritual needs. I am respectful and non-judgmental, patient, sensitive, enjoy using humor, and value having a trusting relationship with my clients. I look forward to meeting and hopefully working with you to get started on the path of your choosing.

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