Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Perhaps you are feeling depressed, anxious, unmotivated, noticing frequent changes in your mood, unsure of yourself, or lost.  It may be a new challenge or a recurring problem in your life.  When dealing with mental health issues, one may feel stuck and have difficulty realizing s/he already has some helpful tools and strengths to manage struggles. 

I help adults who are stressed, dealing with anxiety, depression, conflict with others, and life transitions.  As a systemic/relationship therapist, I help people improve their relationships with others as well as themselves.  I am open to and enjoy working with those from diverse backgrounds and cultures with various lifestyles and life experiences.

I offer a non-judgmental and safe space to share your thoughts and feelings.  My approach to therapy is one that uses humor, empathy, and collaboration.  I meet you where you are at while gently challenging you to gain self-awareness and growth.  I use a person centered and eclectic approach to walk with you on your journey of healing and help you move forward toward reaching your full potential.