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Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Are you wondering if talk therapy may be beneficial for you? Having a trusted person that we can process our emotions with is one of the best ways that we can take care of ourselves. Being emotionally healthy enables us to excel in all other areas of life; and is integral to allow us to be the parent, employee, friend or spouse that we wish to be. Therapy is one way that you can invest in one of the most valuable assets you’ll ever have: your mental health.

My goal as your therapist would be to assist you in identifying how your stressors are impacting your life, and work together to develop strategies to manage the symptoms. My approach is to provide a safe and productive environment to allow you the space to discuss difficult subjects, unpack trauma or just share things you never thought you would say out loud. I am passionate about treating a whole individual and utilize a holistic approach to make sure that our work together is unique to you and your personal journey.

I am a Licensed CLinical Social Worker with a Masters Degree from the University of Connecticut. My clinical areas of expertise include: life events,substance abuse, trauma, anxiety, depression, mood disorders, and eating disorders. I utilize a variety of methods to work toward therapeutic goals; including: cognitive behavioral therapy, strengths based, and client centered therapies.

I commend you for taking the first step towards therapy. I am happy to provide a no obligation phone call free of  charge to assist you in deciding if I am who you want to begin your therapeutic journey with.

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