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Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Do you ever hear people tell you, you seem sad and ask why you haven't been coming around lately? Do you tend to isolate yourself because going out is "just too much right now" or "too stressful"? Those emotions can feel overwhelming but there are ways to work through them and feel more invigorated and engaged with life.

I have been counseling people of all ages for over 5 years now. I have worked in multiple outpatient and intensive outpatient settings and non-profit organizations. I have worked closely with Parents struggling with substance use and mental health concerns. I have worked with children and families to support behavioral change and/or support in development.

I am a strength based clinician focused on supporting you during difficult times. I utilize different therapy techniques to support you in making long lasting changes. So, if you would like to find new ways to feel better and become motivated again, please give me a call.

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