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Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Life is full of complicated and emotional moments. I can be a support in your journey to listen and reflect insight into you and your relationships along the way. Using a collaborative nonjudgmental approach, I can help you to learn and explore your emotional needs and relationship needs. I work with a variety of individuals including young adults, women, and couples to address past trauma and explore healthy boundaries and communication with loved ones, parents, significant others, or children/adolescents. I recognize how often we find ourselves stuck and need to explore ways to move forward in our lives. This often means reflecting on our current balance of caring for others as well as ourselves. If you have a stressful relationship causing you confusion, frustration, anxiety, or depression in your life I can be a support to teach you ways to strengthen your mental clarity. Do you feel like you are walking on eggshells? Often relationships can cause significant stress such as having a loved one with struggles like addiction or emotional immaturity. I can help you navigate these types of relationships by learning how and where to set boundaries with non-confrontational language and explore any feelings that may come up for you. I use trauma-informed language and a variety of down to earth therapeutic approaches to figure out how you would like to move forward with the chosen and unchosen relationships in your life. Recognizing the connection between your thoughts, feelings, and behavior is often difficult but so critical in learning our emotional needs. I can help you untangle your thoughts and identify what matters most to you so that you can create the life you imagine.

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