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Licensed Clinical Social Worker

In a nutshell, life is hard. It has a funny way of not always going as planned or the way you were hoping for. Bad things can happen to very good people. Sometimes it helps to talk about it, and that's where I can come into play. I can work for you as a sounding board to listen, provide support, and give insightful feedback. As much as life can present challenges and difficulties you are not alone in this experience. By meeting you where you're at we can make it through struggles together. I want to help you grow as a person, reach your goals, and feel more capable of facing all of what life throws your way. 

My educational background includes a BSW from WCSU followed by a MA in Clinical Social Work at Fordham University. After completing my education I have worked with a variety of populations and settings. Some areas of specialty include mood issues, anxiety, stress management, substance use, co-parenting, couples conflict, crisis/trauma, and life transitions. 

While working within a multitude of approaches we can tailor counseling to fit your current needs and comfort level. Let's start together today with a no obligation intake to explore more about what is currently disrupting your peace.

Accepted Insurances

* Medicaid (HUSKY)

* Self-pay

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